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Reasons People Behave the way they do

Reasons People Behave the way they do

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Many reasons are responsible for the way people behave toward their family.  many have become what they have been through, many have become their childhood experience scene. This has caused a lot of decondence in the society. Below are few reasons why people act the way they do towards they family….


Family backgrounds have shaped the personalities of many.

He saw how his father treated his mother which explains the way he treats wife.

Her father was mean to her mother which explains why she is perpetually defensive at the slightest provocation. All these childhood experience has wired the mind of potential fathers and mother to behave and handle their family the way they do.

It is advisible for  current parents to try as possible to hide their rough moment from their children, Children shouldn’t see you fighting your spause not quarrel them …this can form a mindset which can affect their tommorow and their own family..

Experience is capable of affecting our world and so it good for children to have good experience from their family..


Environment has structured a lot of people into who they are. Influence from different people,region, areas and various ethnic groups has contributed massively to the altitudes of people and their beliefs system.This is why we need to learn, unlearn and relearn.

There is need to learn and adapt to changes and new environments.

This adaptation will  helps us to unlearn the negatives things our experiences may have implanted in us.

If we don’t go through this transformations, our relationship with people will be in jeopardy.

You hear things like, in my family we don’t drink water from plastic cups but, king Jardon, what they have to offer you is water in a plastic cup o. You will need to learn and relearn to be able to coup with new environments.

As light as the example above may be, good relationships have collapsed because of things like this.


The term peer group refers to a group of individuals or companies that share similar characteristics with one another. These characteristics may be age, education, ethnic background, size, industry, or sector.

Peer group have created a lot behavior, the children you grew with, people you called your best friend and where you find yourself has affected many in their life ….

There is need to learn…unlearn and relearn to make a change in what you do.

Reasons People Behave the way they do