Bizlona Registration and investment plans

Bizlona Registration and investment plans

Bizlona Registration and investment plans

*I want to reintroduce BizLona International to us once again and this time with more seriousness in the programme*


*BizLona is an American firm that have been in the business of providing financial support to its members all over the world*

*BizLona provide financial support to members in many ways including giving members Non- Collateral Interest Free Loan. A Loan that is payable over a period of 15years from the proceed of your earnings. Which means that you pay back the loan from what you earn from the system… You are not required to put in extra money from your pocket in paying back the loan that is given to you*

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*As you progress in the busines.s of BizLona, you also receives voucher Cards which you can redeem in any ShopRite Malls anywhere in your country*
*More explanation about BizLona is done in the Business group. Join with the link below if you are interested*   Do you know you can make your business go viral or advertise your referral link? Let me help you…09067431184

*Registration amount is ₦2,500 for one account… Please note that Multiple accounts of 3 and above is highly recommended*
*The reason is simple, BizLona is a multi level referral system. You must work and build your team in order to grow in the system. Multiple accounts enables you to cover you initial Binary Legs before you start recruiting other members*
*Join the group to learn more about BizLona*

For you to benefit from this opportunity
*1.* You need to register with a one time registration fee of $6.3 or #2,500

*2.* You need to refer 2 people who would also register with a one time registration fee of $6.3 or #2,500 and also refer 2 people each.

*Bizlona operates a binary marketing plan*
Referral bonus is 16%
Marching bonus is 16%

With just *$6.3* or *#2,500* one time Registration Fee, Aside The Loan, *Bizlona* also gives to its Members other Mouth Watering Incentives which includes:-
➡️Referral Bonus and Matching Bonuse,
➡️Cash Reward,
➡️Shopping Vouchers,
➡️Android Phones,
➡️International Vacation,
➡️ Refrigerators,
➡️ Housing Funds,
➡️Hotel Investment Fund etc.

*The above Incentives can also be Monetized

Members Testimonies

I joined bizlona international on August,2020 through someone who contacted me through Facebook. At first, i was very skeptical and doubted every bit of the details i got about Bizlona on how they provide interestfree loan to members without guarantor, collateral and even without interest & to crown it all, i was told that when you get a loan from Bizlona you have the opportunity to pay back bit by bit for the period of 15 years. It sounded like a joke though after careful research and consideration i decided to be part of this. I got myself registered first with #7,500 and then i began to refer some people alot of who never believed the opportunity but some took their position, we talked to people via phone calls and seminars in time & the number of people began to increase. People from all parts of Africa, at the end of August Bizlona sent us shopping vouchers which we used to shop from ShopRite and this increased my confidence in Bizlona. After one month in the business, i decided to apply for my first loan of $1000(#400,000) which was granted & i received the money in my bank account after 48hours. I was so glad and i knew i had found a fortune, a live changing opportunity and i was determined never to look back again. Bizlona is 1yr old in Africa and i have never regret my decision to join Bizlona. I’m happy i joined Bizlona today & i have over 400 accounts that has huge amount of loanpower. Infact Bizlona is an opportunity you would regret you missed. join Bizlona & have access to Interestfree loans & network bonuses and rank achievement incentives. 

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Bizlona will help you to testify soon…

Bizlona Registration and investment plans

Bizlona Registration and investment plans