Definition of some terms (TollBond)

Definition of some terms (TollBond)

Definition of some terms (TollBond)

This article is written to give you the definitions of the basic terms in blockchains and tollbond Investments.


Class : This simply means the level or line you currently occupy on a particular chain, which also shows how much you are expecting depending on your class.

Reward : This simply means the amount you earn on the class you are currently in, when someone joins your chain

Cum. Reward: This simply means, the amount you are currently earning, based on the number of people that have joined your chain(s).

Exp Reward: This simply means the total amount you are expected to receive on each class, if all your chains are filling up sequentiality.

No. Chains App.: This simply means the number of times you currently appear on peoples chain on a particular class, As more people join

Chains: This simply means the number of active direct referrals you have. If all your 5 chains tick green, this simply means you have gotten direct 5 referrals, and if all your direct all have their 5. You can anticipate how much your earnings will be, down to class 7

Toll Bond Registration Guideline/How to Activate Wallet

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