How To Buy Lucky Block NFT and login Registration

How To Buy Lucky Block NFT and login Registration

How To Buy Lucky Block NFT and login Registration

Lucky Block is the market-leading NFT

competition platform, where players earn rewards by holding NFTs and entering competitions. Lucky Block is a decentralized token for playing online lottery games based on blockchain technology. The Lucky Block platform is deemed a revolutionary approach to the lottery, as all players have the same chances of winning. Do you know you can make your business go viral or advertise your referral link? Let me help you…09067431184

What is lucky Block NFT

Lucky Block NFT is a multi-blockchain marketplace for NFTs launched by Lucky Block partner company Finixio that integrates Binance Smart Chain and Polygon and supports other blockchains. The project is designed to influence the power of recent technologies built on the Binance Smart Chain to promote fairness and transparency of the lotto draw process.


The Lucky Block token is still recent on the markets, although it looks like it will keep rising continuously in the future. The lottery prize pool is worth $5.5 million, and the minimum market capitalization is currently at $530 million.  Read How to Set up a POS business is a simple step.

Lucky Block NFT Price
Presently, the price per Lucky Block NFT is around $1500. The NFT can be bought by Wrapped BNB, about 3.78 wBNB a token. This shows that the market price of wBNB will also affect the cost of each Lucky Block NFT.

Where To Buy Lucky Block NFT

The Lucky Block NFT Collection is accessible on NFT Launchpad. You have to buy WBNB tokens to be able to mint the collection on the Binance Smart Chain.

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How To Buy Lucky Block NFT
Below is a complete step-by-step guide to help you buy Lucky Block NFTs.

Create a MetaMask Wallet
You need a wallet to buy Lucky Block NFTs, so we advise getting a MetaMask wallet if you don’t have one. Go to the official MetaMask website and follow the guidelines to complete the registration process. MetaMask takes users to the Ethereum main network by default, so you will have to manually switch to Binance Smart Chain.

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