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How to place your achievement priorities

How to place your achievement priorities

How to place your achievement priorities


Life is beautiful yet many people are frustrated and depressed sometimes because they fail to plan their priorities well. In this article I will be addressing how to place your priorities and plan your life especially as a young man living in our cities especially in Africa. I encourage you to visit this website and search on the search button for that of ladies priorities and other inspirational articles.

As a Youngman in the city like Nigeria and other relative African countries, follow this step by step guide on how to live a prosperous and easy life.

  1. Do not Depend on one source of income: Depending on one source of income in the cities as a young man is like laying your egg in one basket, Which means wasting your energy in one channel.. Whereas you can invest that energy into another productive side hustles that can make you a better life.

Take for example you are a secretary in a private firm where you don’t go to work on Saturdays and Sundays, it is expected  you get a skill of your own  where you channel your weekend energy and time into . There are skills like soap making for example, you can take that weekend to make the soap in large quantity,  employ your own workers who will distribute the soap even if you at work.

You can develop yourself as a social media influencer, an affiliate marketer, a blogger etc. All this has nothing to do with the other job you are doing and are capable of making you a residual incomes.

There are many people I know who are working in other firm yet are employers of labour. With that you can live comfortably if only you place your priorities well.

Having discuss this foundation and important aspect of living as a young man in the cities, let’s discuss how to place your priorities…

I have to discuss the above point because it is very important to know this before we talked of placing priorities.


  1. If you can, try as much as possible to get a mobility because one of the alarming expenses in the cities today is transportation. Most time the number of people on the way fighting their way to go to work are more than the available vehicles. As such getting mobility has to be the priority for a young man dwelling in the cities.

Many people will love to argue this point of priority setting yet this is not just going to help you and ease your stay but also will be source of additional income for you. As you can go to work with number of passengers and returns with them also. The money you get from this movement can be used to maintain your car and also settles part of your daily needs as an average Youngman.

  1. Get a nice accommodation in a nice area: This point has been analysed in the previous articles Click to read

Get yourself a nice accommodation in a good location, this will be a nice way of putting priorities right because you neighbourhood and the environment has a good contributions to your goal and mind-set, when your mind-set is right then all the happenings around you will be right.

The truth is; It is always what is formed in your mind that comes to reality.. Like we often said, you are average of the five people you move with. So to think right and live right you must set to live among the right mind-sets

This point is crucial also as it will safe you of other stress of traffic and other stress that befalls other dwellers of other areas in the cities.

How to place your achievement priorities