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Majority of people in this country and beyond has many business ideas but capital to set up or bring their ideas to reality is the challenge they face. In this article I will be introducing to you a loan source you can take advantage. Before I continue let me advice you that loan is not the best option if you want to party or live a good life, it is advisable you get a loan and invest in a reasonable business. Yet do not get a loan amount you know you cannot pay back. Let’s go.  Do you know you can make your business go viral or advertise your referral link? Let me help you…09067431184


YesCash is a quickloan platform that gives quality and fast loan to the staff being paid through IPPIS main while the loan comes with a guide like a staff Salary must not be less than  30thousand naira for him or her to be able to apply for the IPPIS loan.

Eligibility Criteria