Login & Account Creation steps
Advertisement Login & Account Creation steps Login & Account Creation steps

Hi guys here is another unique article on videomine investment platform, in this my article titled; Login & Account Creation steps I will be Sharing with you my experience on videomine.
I know for the nobies you  questions might be

What is video mine?
Video mine technology is decentralized platform that came on the first of November which uses a referral and task technology or earning probability to pay its users. That is means the videomine platform is a referral investment platform.


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2. Is it legit?
Videomine has long been in existence as we have not heard any complain sofar, Videomine has however paid about 14millions people all around the globe.

Now here is my professional advice for you about any online business;

Online business are very lucrative business but learn to know when to invest and when to withdraw your money, for example don’t invest when the year is about to come to a close, don’t invest when you know festival is about to come, always invest at the early stage of investment not at the late latter end of the Investment. people who invest at the early stage of investment always has stunned the ground to make their money than people who comes late, the reason is because majority of platform depends on customer for it to function and platforms in Nigeria works by the trend,  by the time the trends of a particular business or platform begins to goes down their ability to pay you the promises or the promised prize will reduce and in that case the platform will gradually folds up so manage your risk and know when to invest in a business

Withdrawal and earnings

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal is 20k
And maximum is 1million naira.

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How  can i get started?

Well u can start by getting your coupon code for an ongoing price of 3500 for registration.

How to register

Registration on videomine investment platform is very easy:

1. Login to the official website:

2. Fill in the necessary fields

3. Buy the registration coupon from any coupon vendors

4. Sign in and take your task. Login & Account Creation steps Login & Account Creation steps