Shihtzu Exchange Token Earnings and login Reviews

Shihtzu Exchange Token Earnings and login Reviews

Shihtzu Exchange Token Earnings and login Reviews.

Shihtzu Exchange token has come stay, in this my Shihtzu Exchange Token Earnings and login Reviews     review I will be breaking down all you need to know.

_What is Shihtzu Exchange Token?_

Shihtzu Exchange Token is a Crypto company based in South Korea which was officially PRE-LAUNCHED on 20th December,2021 with an amazing prelaunch price of $0.0000005.


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  • Token*
  • NFT*
  • Metaverse*

Presently the token is still in pre-sale with the price pumping astronomical and the quantity reducing so guys get onboard now and buy yours .

How it works

Come July , 2022 the sales of it NFT market place will go live for everyone to buy the NFT Minting License at the cost of $1000 and every month it keeps increasing by $1000 for the next 8 months.

There are different packages you can buy based on what you can afford.


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each package will start paying you on the following days.
Everyday you get shihtzu Tokens on your back office which u can withdraw when u have a minimum of $20.

You get 400% in 9 months and after your 9 months u still get to withdraw the Tokens that u bought.
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U can choose to lock or stake your coins for 9 months or 18 months. But u will withdraw anytime for as long as you have $20.

You can have multiple accounts each account will have its own duration….

Remember you will be earning daily without recruiting… Recruiting is Optional ‼️‼️

Thanks for reading my review, Drop any question on the comments section and do well to subscribe to this website.

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