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Business you can Start With 50k in Nigeria ($125)?

What Business Can I Start With 50k in Nigeria ($100)?

Most times people pray and hustle for money to start business, funny enough the capital they end up have will not be able to start the business they intend doing. This article will help you to figure out the business you can start with that mean amount you have.


Here are list of business you can start with 50k to 125k respectively:

Before I continue let me remind you that when it comes to business, career and earning a living, your status and ego has to give way else you might not be able to liberate yourself from that poverty. Many people have the choice of the kind of business they will love to do even when the capital is not up to. In this article I advise you to start somewhere as the current place definitely will not be your endpoint rather your stepping stone. So start with what you have and improve later.

  1. Noodles Joint Business  (Indomie as Nigerians will call): Creating an noodles joint business is easy with just 50k, This business is capable to earn you more than 5k every day after expenses, the least you can get shouldn’t  be less than 3k a day, consider this you will discover 3k in thirty days will give you 90k which is more than an average workers salaries, you can do this get enough capital establish a bigger vision  know your next question is how, here is the how: for the materials
  2. Get the intensils budgeting  like two frying pan (5k), gas or stove 15k, cutleries and plate(5k), simple table and bench( 10k)
  3. Get raw materials e.g  two cartons of  Indomie noodles 5k), Oil, onions and species 5k),
  4. Get a space; noodles joint can actually be done under the shade as the sales always moves in the evening and early morning when the sun is still in rising or gone down. Therefore the rest 10k can go for space rent age and miscellaneous

Note: most times you might not like to set up such business in your immediate environment, you can move to another location where you can have market.

 The breakdown above depends on location, Therefore you are advice to start from location where you can afford. Many big companies today never start from their dreams; they start from what can lift them to their dreams. Those big electronics companies and sales never starts as the current companies, they start somewhere and get to where they are right now.

I’ve heard of a popular footballer who said he has served tea in this same tea joint just to fund his football career, today his story is not the same.

  • Pure water whole sale Business: This Business demands little capital to start, Mind you can start little and end big. Let me break down how you can effectively use you 50k to set up this sachet water wholesale Business.
  • Get a location or rent a space, I know will not be more than 10k for a space,
  • Buy a big umbrella and with a table with 20k mind you this can also get you to deposit for a shop depending where you want to set up; I know it will not cost more than that and remember to start in location where you can afford.
  • Buy the sachet water with 20k for a start. This can keep you growing in the business from one level to the other as you consistently grow in it.
  • If you have enough money up to 100k then get a shop of 50k in a low cost area and start from there, when you grow improve.

I hope this few ideas is mind blowing, I assure you that 50k you always use without profit will perform wonders in your financial life.

  • Sales of soft drinks; This business runs the same as the pure water business, but here you need to budget what you want to start with.
  • Recharge card Business: This is a very lucrative Business; it is a business of turn over for example if you made 1 naira in a sale and you are able to sale one million of the same items in three month, you made 1million naira.
  • Get an umbrella, table and chair, 20k depends, use the rest 30k to buy the recharge card and sale in retails.
  • Phone accessories: you can start by buying the various phone accessories like; Earpiece, screen guard, phone pouch and case, memory cards and other beautiful accessories as your money can afford.
  •  Jewelries and necklaces business: with 50k you can start necklace and jewelry business; this one doesn’t necessary means you get a shop for it, you can post online and people order while you do your best to deliver nationwide.
  • You can start a mini-provision store:  With 50k you can start a provision  store, I know your next question is how, Smiles, you can start by selling snacks like biscuit, bread, and others, mind you have to start  by retailing those snacks that moves well in your area as you will the money to buy and refill the store.
  • Cooking Oil (Palm Oil) and food stuffs:  You can start selling Palm Oil, go to local markets and sell in the urban area depending on the area where you buy from and sell.
  • Sales of Detergent; One of the principles of sales is choice of product, so you can choose sales of detergent and sale all types of detergents like Soap, powdered soap, liquid soap, bleach and other antiseptics. Chose a busy area and set up and sale to commuters as they return from offices.
  •  Clothing and shoe business: With 50k you can start a clothing and shoe business, this business likely go well when you involved the use of social media power; you can post your goods online and you customers can order it online to get it delivered in their location.

I just believed this article about ‘Business you can start with 50-100k ‘ is well justified, I advice you start from where you are and you will have no regret been your own boss.

There is a popular saying that a journey of a thousand mile began with just a step. Get the courage and start something today.

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Start With 50k in Nigeria ($100)?

Business you can Start With 50k in Nigeria ($125)?

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