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Tower Capital Withdrawal Days (

Tower Capital Withdrawal Days (

Many investments platform keep unvailling on a daily basis, That is why take a review to know how platforms work is the best thing to do as an investor. Remember as the numbers of investment platform keep unvailling every day , that is how the level of risk keep increasing. Now we owe you the duty of writing about the platforms and update you on how they works and the likely scam potentialities.


In thisTower Capital Withdrawal Days(  article I will be discussing and sharing with you few updates I have about the newly lunched tower capital investment.

What is tower capital ?

Before I break down tower capital’s definition, I will be sharing with you what is tower capital according to the site platform; According to the information on the platform,

It claims that the tower capital was founded in  1998 by Mark Gorton, Tower Research Capital is a trading and technology company that has built some of the world’s fastest and most advanced electronic trading platforms.

The Founder In addition to Tower Research Capital, Mark Gorton has launched diverse companies and green advocacy organizations, including LimeWire and OpenPlans. Boston as a fixed income proprietary trader. He began his career as an engineer at Martin Marietta, specializing in digital signal processing and speech recognition, and graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in electrical engineering, and received an M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Tower Research Capital’s platform for quantitative trading of funds is used to serve our clients worldwide. We provide a high ease of use API interface that allows users to seamlessly integrate into their own systems, work, computing environments, and enjoy Wanka computing power at any time, and we have been exploring fully automated quantitative trading using machine learning and other technologies since 2008. The first trade position generated by deep learning was executed online on October 21, 2016. Full application of deep learning technology for trading in 2017. We have accumulated a wealth of real-world experience in AI quantitative trading through different market styles. We always believe in and continue to invest in AI algorithm research.

Powerful R&D Platform Tower Research Capital has built its own AI supercomputer. The AI supercomputer has exceptionally powerful computational performance, storage performance and interconnected communication capabilities. Strategy researchers can validate their ideas quickly and efficiently, independent of computing power, model size, and other constraints. Our strategy and development team consists of Olympic gold and silver medalists in mathematics, physics, and informatics, ACM gold medalists, AI field gurus and leaders, and PhDs in various disciplines of topology/statistics/operations research/cybernetics. We solve many challenges in the direction of deep learning, big data modeling, parallel computing, and fundamental quantification in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner.

What we do Our internal trading teams are independent of each other and enjoy autonomy in accessing shared technical resources (e.g. hardware, software and connectivity) as well as business management, legal, compliance and risk management resources.

The heart of the operation Our core engineering team, who own the architecture, implementation and optimization of the trading platform itself. This includes developing systems and tools for accessing market data, performing trend analysis, running trade simulations, order entry and management, real-time trade support, risk management and post-trade services.

Working Together Our organization works around the clock to build technology and deploy our diverse automated and quantitative strategies across a wide range of asset classes in global markets.

Our Culture The best part of working at Tower is the freedom and opportunity to use your talents.
Entrepreneurship is ingrained in our DNA. Working here means collaborating with the bright minds around you, and you’ll be expected to tackle old and new challenges by thinking and learning at every step.

 How do I join?

  1. Complete your registration with Tower Research Capital and deposit fiat or crypto digital currency to trade Any of the quantitative trading funds in Tower Research Capital and subscribe to the general fund

2. Here are the steps :
1) Download the apk Tower Capital and install it
2) Once it is opened, click on rehistering now and enter your email and a password
3) An  ID will be needed.
4) when it’s done, click on the bottom at the left
5) Enter your National ID card, take a photo of the front and the back of it, and a picture of you with it
6) wait that the verified that you are not a robot
7) you will receive an AI robot for free for 71 days, activate it and see your balance

N.B : less than 20$ can’t be withdraw

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*Registration Link👇*

🔰Invitation code👉 WmgovN

🔰After registeration and KYC you’ll be given a free miner that generates 2.8usdt daily for 71days.  Do you know you can make your business go viral or advertise your referral link? Let me help you…09067431184

How to withdraw

withdrawal is possible after 71days
❇️Minimum withdrawal is 20usdt with a withdrawal fee of 10usdt

*❇️KYC requirement:*
Any ID card can work
✅ NIN ( National ID Card/slip)
✅ ID card
✅ Voters card
✅ School ID card
✅ Working Place ID card
✅ Waec ID card

  • What to do with the above information:
    snap your voter’s card from and Back
  •  Hold it in your hand and snap only the front
  •  Phone number
  • note any of this voter’s card, international passport or Driver License
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Frequently asked questions on Tower Capital investment

How do I withdraw money ?

  1. All investments are settled in the cryptocurrency USDT

Which channel can I withdraw through? 

  1. Any cryptocurrency wallet with an ERC20/TRC20 channel can receive withdrawals

What is the minimum withdrawal

  1. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 USDT

What is the withdrawal fee ?

  1. The withdrawal fee is 10 USDT per withdrawal (the fee will be deducted from the withdrawal amount)

How long does it take to have my withdrawal in my account?

  1. Withdrawal requests will arrive in the designated wallet within 24 hours of submission.

Deposit Questions

  1. Please check the address of the USDT/TRC20 you wish to recharge, we are not responsible if you transfer to the wrong address.
  2. If you do not understand how to top up your account, please contact our customer service. Account issues

Acount Questions

  1. Each account is separa
    te and you cannot change your username.
  2. When registering, please keep your personal information safe and do not disclose it to strangers.
  3. Please add your personal information in detail at – Profile Settings – so that you can better identify the account holder and others cannot steal your account.
  4. You can’t bind accounts repeatedly to your mailbox.
  5. Do not malign multiple accounts for arbitrage.



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Tower Capital Withdrawal Days (