ultraminda.com Reviews| Registration and daily Earning

ultraminda.com Reviews| Registration and daily Earning

ultraminda.com Reviews| Registration and daily Earning 

ultraminda.com is a NEWLY LAUNCHED USDT and mining  SITE that promises to reward or pays it’s member with certain amount of dollars daily by simply  buy a mining machine on the website. According to the platform, the member gets paid their daily earnings according to the rate of mining machine they buy on the site. The site has different capacities or class of mining machine available on different dollar packages. For example an investor who bought a mining machine of $20 will not be paid like an investor who bought a mining bot or machine of $250.


Simply put what this platform is saying is that, you will be paid daily according to the mining machine  you purchase on registration. On registration you gets 20 dollars to invest and earn 0.6 dollar daily. According to the platform; withdrawals has already been confirmed at the point of validating your account. The mining process is done every 24 hrs.

HOW ultraminda.com WORKS

Ultraminda.com has a simple earning strategies; This is a simple breakdown of how the ultraminda.com/ works. your duties is to register, Purchase a mining machine on the website and the machine do the ming for you daily even you are away. The machine is of different categories and packages, So you earning is dependent on the Package or price  of machine you where able to buy. just like what i said at the introduction of the this reviews.

on registration, immediately you Validate your  account, you gets 20 dollars to invest and earn 0.6 daily. Withdrawal has already been confirmed and you go back every 24hours to mine again.


Below are the grades of mining machines on the ultraminda.com/ website;

when you click on machine the different machines on the site

  • GTX 910  you buy at $20 and your daily  earning is $0.60 per day
  • GTX 960 you buy at $50 and your daily earning is 1.75 dollars per day
  • GTX 970 you buy at $70 and your daily earning is $2.63 per day
  • GTX  980 you buy at $100n and your daily earning is $4.50 per day


  • Click registration link :https://ultraminda.com
  • Once you click on the registration link always change the site language to English or you desires
  • Get $20 bonus immediately you validate your email on the website and get your mining machine.


Here are the steps for withdrawal on this platform; Withdrawal is made through ustd Trc 20 wallet.

  • Click on Wallet
  • Place your usdt or Trc 20 wallet Address
  • click on withdrawal


First thing you need to know is that the minimum investment or fund you can deposit on this site is $10. here are the steps to make deposit.

  1. Click on deposit
  2. Copy you usdt wallet address  and send the usdt to the address


Well the website is a new website and we can not tell if a legit or scam website, but from the mode of operation we descovered that this website is a ponzi scheme; telling you there have mining machines that you can purchase at different rate to mine for is just a cover up. It is a rub peter to pay paul game and as such i will advice you invest with your spare money, that is money you can afford to loss.

according to analysis, at this early stage risk takers can actually takes their part but with time when more investor fails to invest into the system, it will eventually fold up.


we are not hired to promote or Tanish the image of this website, but we here to make reasearch and review the out come. whatever you do is at your risks


Thanks for reading my reviews, visit naijapen.com for more reviews and more update.

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